About PatchMaster

About PatchMaster

Our Story

PatchMaster Franchise, LLC executives found themselves evaluating a niche concept that was gaining some ground; small drywall repair. It seemed so simple, but also it seemed interesting. The business seemed to offer the very elements of a business model that were found to be appealing such as home-based, fragmented market, business to business marketing, low receivables, low investment, and scalable. So we set out to prove the business model.

Eddy Zite, Heysun Lewis, and Ben Wright were the first PatchMaster operators who started with little more than a cool logo and lots of YouTube videos. None of our founding franchisees had any previous drywall experience, but they did have a great desire to be a successful business owner.

In a span of 18 months all three offices were not only up and running, but they were thriving, With the foundation of the business model in place, and our franchise documents complete, PatchMaster Franchise, LLC began offering PatchMaster franchises in October 2017.

Today PatchMaster has offices covering over 60 major cities throughout the United States and Canada—with much more on the horizon.

PatchMaster® franchise owners are supported by some of the most experienced and savvy home services franchise professionals. Every day we strive to bring more value and help each PatchMaster franchisee exceed their expectations and accomplish their goals.

The PatchMaster business model is simple; offer customers a fast, professional solution for drywall, sheetrock, and plaster repairs. It seems obvious, but most busy handymen, large drywall companies or contractors don’t want to do small drywall repairs. 

Service professionals like plumbers and electricians often don’t have the resources to fix the holes they leave behind. We specialize in holes caused by renters, plumbing leaks, and those DIY projects that just can’t seem to get finished. In most cases, we can complete the repair in one visit, and we even offer paint matching!

Busy families and successful service professionals can now turn to PatchMaster for all their dry wall repair needs. For pricing and service availability call 1-844-PATCHMASTER or visit patchmaster.com

PatchMaster Today

The PatchMaster brand is poised to be one of the fastest growing concepts in franchising. Here’s why.
Filling a Niche for Customers
As the “hole repair experts,” PatchMaster franchisees offer both consumers and businesses a convenient, affordable and professional option for repairing damage to drywall, sheetrock and plaster, including paint and texture matching. In addition to fixing accidental damage, we work closely with electricians, plumbers and other home service professionals to make walls look new again after they have completed their work.
High Demand Services

Angi, Porch, Thumbtack, Trusted Pros, etc. PatchMaster Franchisees often find themselves having to manage their lead sources carefully to ensure they have the necessary capacity.

Low Investment Level for Franchisees

A PatchMaster franchise is highly scalable, with the initial capital needed being similar to most home-service franchise concepts – a very achievable $82,000 – $105,500 . PLUS, the PatchMaster brand is backed by the team that founded the HouseMaster Franchise System, a top-ranked home services franchise with decades of home services franchise experience! Learn More »

Simple, but (Ahem) Brilliant Premise
The PatchMaster model is simple and smart. We do the drywall repairs others don’t want to do. Homeowners don’t have the skills, drywall companies don’t want to do patches, and plumbers, electricians, and many other trades need someone to take care of them.
Expanded Total Addressable Market
PatchMaster services appeal to homeowners/buyers/sellers, home service professionals (plumbers, electricians, etc.), and businesses (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.). That’s a huge market with an exclusive territory to help you maximize your marketing results!
Additional Business Advantages
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