Fit to be Sold: Summer Means Demand Spikes for Home Prep Services

Fit to be Sold: Summer Means Demand Spikes for Home Prep Services

This article was first published in the May 2022 edition of the Franchise Journal.

More than the weather heats up in the summer: it’s also when many families scramble to finalize home purchases and get settled before the new school year starts. This leads to high demand and mobility, which means both home sellers and buyers are motivated to whip their houses into shape for the summer. Whether it’s drywall repair, plaster repair, or painting, PatchMaster Franchisees are ready to step in and provide hassle-free services to get homes ready for the upcoming demand spike in the market.

Especially during the stressful time of moving, homeowners often don’t have the time or expertise to fix dings, dents, or holes in walls; that’s where PatchMaster technicians come in. As North America’s #1 Drywall Repair Specialists, PatchMaster does the work that drywall companies, plumbers, contractors, and homeowners don’t want to do, while offering customers same-day services. PatchMaster has over 40 years of industry experience with their proven and scalable business model. During that time, PatchMaster has created the most streamlined and efficient job processes in the industry because they understand time is money. With their simple and efficient business concept, homebuyers are able to make their new house feel like home, and home sellers are able to make their homes ready to be sold.

A Home Service Business Built for Growth

Franchise Owners love PatchMaster because of their niche market, low competition, and high margins. They utilize their franchising experience combined with proven processes to streamline their business model, allowing a fast path to profitability.

With multiple business tracks, including Owner-Operator, Executive Model and Investor, PatchMaster offers a scalable concept that includes their proprietary tools, operational support, and small business financial acumen. The business model offers today’s entrepreneurs the perfect opportunity to build a thriving, home service business that is built for growth and backed by some of the most successful and experienced team members in franchising. PatchMaster’s services not only appeal to homeowners, but to home service professionals and businesses. As the “drywall repair specialists,” PatchMaster’s Franchise Owners offer both consumers and businesses a convenient, affordable, and professional option for repairs. Having more than one business model creates benefits like unlimited customer potential, increased brand awareness, in-demand and essential service, and high referral revenue.

The Fastest Growing Retail Category

Overall, the recession-resistant home improvement industry is a $394 billion industry, projected to increase to $465.5 billion by 2023. The booming industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4-5%, in the coming years. According to Forbes, home improvement is the fastest-growing retail category because of three factors: total homeowner equity has nearly doubled in the last five years, the average age of current homes in the U.S. is 20+ years old, and the millennial demographic is entering the housing market. As the industry continues to grow, PatchMaster will also continue to grow and is well-positioned to become a household name for drywall repair due to their efficient and affordable process.

A Brand Worth Investing In

PatchMaster has a business model for every type of entrepreneur and their Franchise Owners are as diverse as their backgrounds. People looking to have their own business and people with hands-on or construction experience will thrive with the brand. Individuals with a strong attention to detail and a positive attitude are the kind of Franchise Owners that will be able to build and scale their business quickly. Do you fit the description for an ideal Franchise Owner? If so, visit or contact today!



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