PatchMaster Fills a Critical Niche in Home Services

PatchMaster Fills a Critical Niche in Home Services

This article was first published in the October 2022 edition of the Franchise Journal.

For most of us, buying a house will be our largest and most important purchase. Because a house is often both a home and an investment, buyers want to protect their investment and maintain it for their enjoyment. That’s where PatchMaster has found its niche in the home services market.

PatchMaster is North America’s #1 drywall repair company that offers a convenient, affordable, and professional option to complete the work homeowners and contractors often cannot or don’t want to do: high-quality, same-day drywall and plaster repair, texturing, and paint matching.

Most people recognize drywall (sheetrock) or plaster as the material that creates the walls and ceilings in their homes. Unfortunately, these materials become damaged during remodeling, repairs, or daily living activities. When it comes to fixing that damage, most people–and even contractors–don’t have the necessary skills. For PatchMaster Franchisees, this means nearly unlimited potential when finding customers because both businesses and homeowners need their services.

With over 40 years of home services experience, the PatchMaster corporate team outperforms the competition with industry-leading business processes and competitive advantages. Plus, PatchMaster takes pride in leaving behind happy customers after every job, so Owners can develop lasting relationships that create repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

The Right Business Model and Strong Franchisee Support

In addition to offering a high-demand service, PatchMaster’s franchise opportunity prioritizes profitability and support. Owners get a concept with low staffing needs, low competition, no lease commitments, and a low cost of goods and services. Combined with high demand and a low initial investment, these features create the potential for a high return on investment, a quicker path to profitability, and the ability to scale quickly.

PatchMaster also operates under a Franchisee-first philosophy. The corporate team has implemented thoughtful, robust training and support programs and is always looking for ways to improve outcomes for Owners. Its mission is to provide the best foundation during launch, continued ongoing operational support, and the tools and resources necessary to build a thriving business. .

New Owners can expect extensive hands-on training covering equipment, materials, safety, drywall basics, tips and tricks, textures, painting, and finishing. In addition, they receive classroom training that covers everything from an operational standpoint, including pricing and profitability, software, marketing, vendors, and environmental concerns.

PatchMaster’s 120-step RightTrack Program facilitates a fast track to positive cash flow and allows the support team to efficiently collaborate with Franchisees through every step in the start-up and business growth process.

They also have a team that works with Owners to provide additional support in various areas, including PatchMaster’s proprietary Financial Insights Tool (FIT). This tool can help forecast P&L, solidify business plan assumptions, and run “what if” scenarios to help Owners make the best decisions for their business.

PatchMaster also teaches Franchisees how to develop a referral-based business in their local markets through grassroots marketing efforts. In addition, its in-house marketing team partners with its franchisees to launch targeted social media marketing campaigns throughout the United States and Canada.

With more than 120 locations and 70 Franchise Owners in North America, there is no shortage of real-world proof that PatchMaster’s concept and Franchisee-first approach works in any market.

An Ownership Model for Every Type of Investor

The PatchMaster business model offers entrepreneurs the perfect opportunity to build a thriving, scalable home service business backed by some of the most successful and experienced team members in franchising. Recognizing that people have different personal and professional needs, PatchMaster offers multiple ownership models to fit every investor’s goal.

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