PatchMaster Franchisee Enjoys Work-Life Balance

PatchMaster Franchisee Enjoys Work-Life Balance

This article was first published in the February 2023 edition of the Franchise Journal.

Mandeep Chohan
When Mandeep Chohan, Owner of PatchMaster Serving North York, moved to Toronto with his wife during the COVID-19 pandemic, he began to consider what it might look like to move away from a more traditional corporate role. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Mandeep started his career in the construction/home improvement industry and then moved to the corporate world in finance. As someone who grew up familiar with the trades and considered himself a hands-on person, the opportunity to own a franchise with a tie-in to the home improvement industry felt like a natural fit. Mandeep was eventually introduced to PatchMaster by mentor Tony Grewal of HouseMaster Serving Toronto, Brampton, North York. Inspired by Grewal’s work with HouseMaster, Mandeep decided to pursue a similar path and quickly identified PatchMaster as the opportunity that brought together a familiar industry with the potential for nearly unlimited growth.

One of Mandeep’s main focuses in shifting away from a corporate role was the desire to achieve a work-life balance that allows him and his wife to maintain doing the activities and hobbies they love while also operating a successful business. With PatchMaster, Mandeep can handle administrative tasks like answering calls, scheduling employees, providing quotes, and offering support remotely without missing a beat, enabling him to continue to travel, golf, and spend time with family. PatchMaster’s dedicated answering center helps Mandeep maintain this balance by seamlessly collecting customer information, validating the service location, and transferring the repair request information to the Owner, ensuring a satisfied customer and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Mandeep especially values the support he’s received from PatchMaster while launching his business. “It is an adjustment any time you start something new, and it can be daunting starting a business–especially on your own–which is why we went the franchising route,” he said. With PatchMaster’s built-in support system, Mandeep quickly received support from the head office and fellow franchisees on everything from rolling out an initial marketing plan to connecting with a dedicated business coach to ensure profitability.

PatchMaster franchises specialize in the drywall repair work that other contractors aren’t able to do or don’t want to do – making the business model highly desirable in the growing home improvement industry. As North America’s #1 drywall repair company, PatchMaster fills the demand for professional, high-quality drywall repair after damage sustained from home repair projects, remodels, and the wear and tear of everyday living.

In addition to drywall repair, PatchMaster franchises also specialize in texture and paint matching, all with same-day service to ensure they meet homeowners’ repair needs quickly. The PatchMaster concept also provides Owners with low staffing needs, no leasing commitments, and low competition, as well as access to the PatchMaster corporate team’s 40+ years of home improvement experience. During an economic downturn, jobs become unstable, and specific sectors (such as retail, hospitality, real estate, and manufacturing) are typically the hardest hit first. Individuals looking to protect their financial stability while increasing their assets find owning a recession-resistant PatchMaster franchise a sound solution amidst economic unrest. During a recession, there may be more need for repair services as people are more likely to try to fix up their existing property rather than buy or rent new ones. In addition, PatchMaster’s franchise support model and community assist its franchisees in not only surviving but also thriving and adapting more quickly than other types of businesses.

“I would not hesitate to recommend investing in a PatchMaster franchise. You will receive all the training, the steps to success, and ongoing support to make your franchise a fully functional and profitable business,” said Mandeep. “PatchMaster Head Office is very supportive from the initial phase of setting up communications to implementation of marketing to hands-on training of how to patch.”

About the Author

Kris Longmore, PatchMaster Development Director, is passionate about helping individuals and investors pursue their dream of business ownership through franchise systems. Kris has 10+ years in franchise development, including being a multi-unit PatchMaster Franchisee location in Texas.