PatchMaster Puts Franchisees on the Fast Track to Profitability Mobile

PatchMaster Puts Franchisees on the Fast Track to Profitability Mobile

This article was first published in the August 2022 edition of the Franchise Journal.

Mobile concept addresses a high-demand niche in the $392B home improvement industry

As a home-based mobile concept, PatchMaster is fast. Fast to launch, fast to complete services, and fast to start being profitable for Franchise Owners. That’s because they have a simple business model and a straightforward concept that addresses a huge need: providing consumers and businesses with a convenient, affordable and professional option for repairing damage to drywall (sheetrock) and plaster.

The Road to Success is Paved With Opportunity

Before investing in a franchise, many potential owners want to know if there is a need for their services. The fact is, drywall is everywhere. It is a commonly used material in most residential and commercial buildings built in North America. In 2021 alone, approximately 28 billion square feet of drywall was sold in the U.S.–the highest amount in over a decade. While its usage is so prevalent, most large drywall companies, construction contractors, plumbers, electricians, and handymen aren’t interested in small drywall repairs. However, anyone using a space with drywall damage is highly motivated to get it corrected because it is often obvious and unattractive. Addressing these minor drywall repairs that no one else wants to tackle is how PatchMaster carved out an important niche in the home improvement industry that is on course to hit $465.5 by 2023. With limited competition, PatchMaster Franchisees often have to optimize scheduling to ensure they have the necessary capacity to meet the unique demand for services.

Speed to Profitability

Keeping costs affordable for consumers means keeping costs low for Franchise Partners, which is why PatchMaster has a low-investment level, little inventory, minimal staffing, and a low cost of goods and services. For example, one sheet of drywall costs about $13, compared to an average project price of $1,117. With a ramp-up time of just 60-90 days, Owners have all the right pieces to start earning profits quickly.

As a mobile concept, PatchMaster Owners use a branded, wrapped vehicle to deliver services because there is no need for large amounts of inventory to be on hand. Instead, most items will be on an as-needed basis. This mobility also makes Owners nimble and efficient, allowing them to often serve customers on the same day they request services. Additionally, when customer demand outpaces capacity and an Owner decides it’s time to grow, this concept is easily scalable by adding vehicles and technicians.

Helping Franchisees Stay on the Right Track

With 40+ years of experience in the home improvement industry and 120+ locations across North America, the PatchMaster team offers Owner support systems based on a wealth of knowledge. The first Franchisee, Eddy Zite, is the VP of Training and Support, which means their training and advice reflect real-world, front-line experience operating a franchise. For example, PatchMaster maximizes profitability, but financial management is still critical to ongoing success.

PatchMaster’s franchise-first culture is the foundation of the company and gives franchisees the resources and support they need to build a successful, scalable, and profitable business. Owners have access to several tools for running a business, including simple ways to maintain profitability and targeted margins, conduct virtual bids and quotes, estimate the time to complete a job, allocate funds wisely, and build a financial model to benchmark needs and goals.

Other support PatchMaster offers includes:

  • A National Answering Center available to customers 24/7 for an exceptional customer experience and streamlined lead generation for Owners
  • A Pricing Calculator for accurate assessment, pricing and profitability when quoting repairs
  • Marketing assistance, including local Google Ad campaigns, website design, support in developing a referral-based business, and national marketing campaigns
  • Vendor & IT support that includes special access to industry vendors
  • A Pricing Calculator for accurate assessment, pricing and profitability when quoting repairs
  • Training on everything from how to perform repairs to how to use technological tools

Start Your Journey with PatchMaster

New PatchMaster Franchisees can still capitalize on opportunities throughout the U.S. PatchMaster’s thoughtful ownership models mean they are a good fit for a diversity of Owner backgrounds. For example, potential Owners can be very hands-on under the Owner-Operator model, less hands-on under the Executive Model, or mostly hands-off under the Investor Model. No matter which option an Owner chooses, a few character traits come in handy, including strong attention to detail, a positive attitude and a passion for serving their community.

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Bev ThorneChief Marketing Officer

“I am honored to be a part of the PatchMaster team, focusing on elevating our marketing initiatives. My goal is to enhance brand visibility and attract more customers for all of our franchisees, creating a win-win scenario for everyone. I am eager to work with you to achieve remarkable success in the drywall repair market.”

Bev Thorne, an award-winning CMO with deep experience in both sales and marketing at AT&T, JP Morgan Chase and Century 21 Real Estate among others, serves as PatchMaster’s Chief Marketing Officer

Bev oversees all franchise marketing operations, including brand messaging, social media marketing, demand generation and franchise marketing support. She is passionate about people development, with a history of implementing marketing initiatives that fuel impressive revenue growth results.

Kevin Gray
Kevin GrayExecutive Business Coach
“I am truly honored to be part of the PatchMaster, undoubtedly one of the best Franchisors in the industry. Working alongside our franchise owners, who bravely venture into entrepreneurship, is a humbling experience. It is extremely gratifying to share in their successes as they build their business with the support of such a devoted team.”

Kevin Gray brings a wealth of experience in business development, sales management, and strategic partnerships to PatchMaster. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and nurturing client relationships, Kevin is an ideal guide for our franchisees as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Kevin’s consultative approach and knack for fostering strong business connections are valuable assets in helping our franchisees thrive.

Katie Longmore Franchise Administration & Support
“As a part of the PatchMaster team, I have the opportunity to help individuals succeed as entrepreneurs and build their dreams. It is rewarding to be able to see our franchisees flourish.”

Katie Longmore serves as PatchMaster’s Franchise Administrator. Katie is highly motivated and results-driven, with comprehensive experience in business administration. With her passion for excellence, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to PatchMaster.

Katie’s academic background is in Business Administration. She has honed her skills through years of experience in the industry, during which time she has become proficient in project management, business development, and operations management. Her strong communication skills and ability to create and maintain customer relationships make her a valuable asset to the PatchMaster organization.

She is passionate about helping new franchise owners get up and running smoothly and is committed to providing them with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Christian Clavadentscher

Christian Clavadentscher Executive Business Coach

“I am proud to be part of a company dedicated to providing its franchisees the best possible training, support, and tools to scale their business quickly. It is incredibly fulfilling to help our franchisees unlock their full potential and achieve financial success while building their own businesses with the support of PatchMaster.”

Christian Clavadetscher is a highly skilled franchise business coach and financial expert with a proven track record of success in driving business growth and generating revenue. As the owner of PatchMaster Serving Cape Fear, he understands the ins and outs of franchise ownership. As a former director-level investment banker and entrepreneur partner, he brings a unique perspective to PatchMaster’s franchisees. 

With deep expertise in managing all aspects of new business development, multi-account oversight, deal negotiations, and complex financial transactions, Christian provides PatchMaster’s franchisees with unmatched comprehensive business coaching services that help franchisees achieve their financial goals and succeed in their entrepreneurial dreams.

Joe Eible

Joe EibleVice President of Operations

“Being a member of the PatchMaster family has been a rewarding experience, especially in forming valuable relationships with our network of franchisees and having the privilege of hearing their inspiring success stories.”

As the Vice President of Operations at PatchMaster, Joe Eible brings over 20 years of experience in IT, process improvement, and customer service to his role. 

Joe joined PatchMaster in 2019 as director of franchise support and has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. He oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, including franchise support, training and development, onboarding, and IT.

Paul Ferrara

Paul Ferrara Chief Executive Officer

“I am incredibly proud of our franchise-first culture, which attracts highly talented and motivated franchisees to our company. Our focus on providing the best-in-class training and support has helped our franchisees to succeed and grow their businesses quickly. With a proven business model and a commitment to excellence, PatchMaster is the ideal choice for anyone looking to start a successful drywall repair franchise.”

Paul Ferrara is a results-driven executive with a successful track record in the franchising industry. He currently serves as the CEO of PatchMaster, a leading franchise business specializing in drywall repair and installation services.

With over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development, Paul keenly understands how to grow businesses and deliver value to customers. He is a strategic thinker with a strong focus on innovation and operational excellence.

Under Ferrara’s leadership, PatchMaster has experienced rapid growth and expansion, with new franchise locations opening regularly. Ferrara is passionate about providing franchisees with the tools and support they need to succeed and maintain PatchMaster’s position as the top choice for drywall repair services. With a focus on innovation and customer service, Ferrara is committed to ensuring that every PatchMaster franchisee has the resources and support they need to build a successful business.

Prior to his current role, Paul held senior leadership positions at several franchising companies, including HouseMaster Home Inspections, Realogy, and Coldwell Banker Corporate. He has a deep understanding of franchising and is passionate about leveraging it to drive business growth and customer success.


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