Top 5 Reasons to Become a Drywall Finisher for PatchMaster

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Drywall Finisher for PatchMaster

Have you ever thought about becoming a drywall finisher for a franchise like PatchMaster?

Drywall finishers are responsible for installing drywall, sheathing, and other materials that cover walls, ceilings, and floors. Installing drywall includes fitting drywall panels to a building’s frame, shaping, and cutting to make room for fixtures such as windows, outlets, and ceiling fans. They also provide drywall repair services, such as concealing seams and drywall screw pops, to prepare a smooth surface for painting.

An exciting career as a drywall finisher with PatchMaster is an excellent option for those who are active, detail-oriented and looking for new challenges.

Here are the top five reasons to become a drywall finisher with PatchMaster:

Hands-On Work, Flexible Work-Life Balance

For many people, a corporate job sitting at a desk in a cubicle or working long hours for someone else isn’t their ideal way to earn a living. One of the top reasons careers in skilled trades like drywall repair have such high job satisfaction is due to the opportunity for hands-on work while achieving work-life balance.

Drywall finishers help build, fix, and create something with their own hands. At PatchMaster, our drywall finishers know that every day and every drywall repair project is unique, so the work is never the same, and seeing real-time progress and the fruits of their labor makes drywall finishing an enjoyable and fulfilling career choice.

No College Debt, Good Pay

Drywall finishing is an in-demand career that yields competitive wages in the home services industry. Additional incentives for travel, efficiency pay, and overtime can also increase your take-home pay.

One significant benefit of pursuing a career as a drywall finisher is the lack of college debt. Many careers require a four-year degree, which can cost a considerable amount of money – forcing students to take out large loans that take years to pay off. There is an estimated $1.7 trillion in total student debt in the United States.

PatchMaster’s drywall finishers receive best-in-class training for their career in drywall repair. After a week of training at our New Jersey training center and headquarters, you will have the technical and operational knowledge you need to start generating revenue quickly. Training covers everything from hands-on patching to building referral partnerships in your community. Once your initial training is complete, ongoing coaching and training ensure you can continue to meet the needs of your customers and your team.

It’s no secret that careers in drywall repair and drywall finishing offer a significant advantage over university degrees when it comes to pay benefits, student debt, and earning money sooner. Our training model provides our drywall finishers with the necessary tools and skills they need while proving to be a more cost-effective route to financial stability and professional development.

An In-Demand Career in Construction

There are many opportunities in the construction industry. The building, renovation, and replacement of new homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and other essential facilities is a continuous process. As a result, careers in drywall finishing at PatchMaster are always available.

Due to several factors, there is a need for more drywall finishers in the construction industry. There is an estimated total skilled worker demand of 6.7 million through 2025 but a projected shortage of 1.9 million craft professionals. There need to be more trades professionals currently working to meet the needs of all the different projects around the country.

PatchMaster prides itself on developing strong partnerships with large restoration companies, construction companies and various other relationships, allowing our drywall finishers to grow exponentially in their careers.

The high demand for skilled drywall finishers means there are ample opportunities, more job security, and enhanced benefits associated with these careers, at PatchMaster. Current market conditions ensure that good drywall finishers can always find work. Leveraging the PatchMaster brand is an excellent way to start or advance your career as a drywall finisher.

Opportunities for Advancement

Professional drywall finishers who prove their skill and value in the field can earn opportunities to advance their careers to more prominent positions within the PatchMaster family. .

The aging workforce further enhances this opportunity. Skilled craft professionals have a median age of 43, which is higher than the average for most industries. This number has been growing because those nearing retirement age are retiring from the construction and home services industry, and fewer young people are joining the industry. As seasoned vets withdraw or change roles, the positions they are leaving become available. Starting a career in drywall finishing with PatchMaster today, will reap benefits in the long term.

Drywall finishers also have the opportunity to own a PatchMaster drywall repair franchise. In fact, much of PatchMaster’s success has come from our franchisee-first business model, which, in addition to helping individuals achieve their dreams of business ownership, helps prepare the employees to successfully operate our business before buying our business. Instead of just seeing PatchMaster as a job, our drywall finishers view it as a viable career opportunity.

Make an Impact in Your Community

A drywall finishing career offers you a chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. For example, PatchMaster is proud to employ Veterans transitioning back into civilian life and provides franchise opportunities for military Veterans, disabled or not, who want to work and contribute to their families and communities. A PatchMaster franchise is a proven model with a short ramp-up period. Having no drywall experience could be seen as a challenge, but we provide all of the training for you, so we strongly encourage military veterans and first responders to join our franchise family. We offer a 50 percent first-year royalty reduction to qualified applicants. PatchMaster is nationally recognized by Entrepreneur Media as one of the Top Franchises for Veterans as well as Franchise Business Review as a leading franchise for veterans.
Pictured: PatchMaster Franchise owners Tim Forrest and Rob Moore on Top of the Ziggurat in Southern Iraq next to the birthplace of Abraham.
Working in the home services industry allows you to build a lasting impact on your community and its infrastructure. You might work on a project for a few months. Still, it might last for over 100 years, and you can contribute to people’s happiest memories and most significant events in a small but significant way.

Learn More About a Career as a Drywall Finisher

For these reasons, drywall finishing is a great career choice. Check out PatchMaster’s career page for more information and resources about how to become a PatchMaster drywall finisher today and a franchise owner tomorrow!